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McGinnis Landing Restaurant - February 23, 2007
1 out of 1 people found this review helpful. Another solid local restaurant that deserves some attention. There's nothing terribly special about their menu selections - most are typical meals that can be found on a number of restaurant menus across town - with the exception of their Crunchy Chicken Thai Salad and their Onion Soup (both quite delicious, by the way). This being the case one might think they're no better than your everyday Applebee's or TGI Friday's type of restaurant...this is not the case. Their food may be somewhat typical, but it's also quite good. Nothing to rave about by any means but on the Olympic restaurant podium of taste they'd probably come in a decent second or in some cases third place. And that's pretty good.

The atmosphere amounts to a fairly dim-lit interior with the walls full of sports memorabilia and three monster-sized TVs above the bar. Once the weather begins to grow warmer they offer outdoor seating which breaks up the monotony of eating indoors all the time.

So like I said, this place isn't spectacular but it's solid and it's local. Two characteristics that have made me a repeat customer through the years.

I recommend this place.
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La Mixteca Restaurant - February 22, 2007
3 out of 4 people found this review helpful. Don't let the look of this place (inside or out) keep you from trying their food. This is Mexican cooking "Grandma-style." It's not fancy, but it's real and the taste alone is well worth overlooking the poorly insulated interior and less than spectacular decor.

I love the idea of supporting small, local businesses and La Mixteca is no exception. They are in the process of painting some beautiful Mexican murals on their walls which will help liven up the place. I'm hoping it will stick around long enough to make other improvements inside and out. I'd hate to see a business like this with so much potential fall by the wayside.

I recommend this place.
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Sushi Ya - February 18, 2007
20 out of 22 people found this review helpful. After living in Japan for two years, I came back to Kalamazoo hoping that a decent Japanese restaurant would someday come to town. About four years later Sushi Ya opened and I was genuinely excited at the possibility of finally being able to enjoy some authentic Japanese food.

Upon entering, I noticed the atmosphere was quite modern though they do offer at least two tatami rooms (woven straw mats) that can be reserved for private parties. The waitresses working those rooms wear traditional Japanese kimonos which helps add to the authentic Japanese environment.

I thought the food was quite good. My yakisoba meal (fried noodles with pork, cabbage and ginger) tasted wonderful and brought back great memories from my time in Japan. The gyoza (fried dumplings) and tempura ice cream were excellent too. And though the prices were a little on the high end, I will definitely be returning to this place to try out some other dishes - their sushi menu was like a Sears catalog so there are plenty of options for anyone looking to get a taste of the real thing.

Keep in mind that they serve Japanese/Korean infused food, meaning each dish served may not be entirely authentic though it will contain at least some elements of the original dish.

I personally feel like this is just the kind of place this town needs. Enough with the steakhouses and generic sports bars. Say hello to Sushi Ya. It's the Pacific Rim...Kalamazoo style.

I recommend this place.
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Full City Cafe - February 1, 2007
2 out of 4 people found this review helpful. The family and I stopped into this place for the first time the other day not quite knowing what to expect. The place had two areas - one side looked like a small coffee shop with a wide selection of pastries and other baked goods while the other was the cafe where you'd go to have an actual meal. The place was clean and the service was great though the decor was quite simple and lacked style.

But we were there for the food and to our surprise this place didn't disappoint. Though we only ordered sandwiches - a black bean burger and a grilled chicken sandwich - they were both very fresh tasting. Fresh vegetables and fresh herbs made for a better than average meal.

One thing I should mention is that their entrées were a bit more expensive than we expected - in the 12-14 dollar range - though based on how well we liked the sandwiches, I wouldn't be opposed to coming back again to give an entrée a try.

Overall, we enjoyed Full City Cafe and were satisfied with our decision to give their food a taste.

I recommend this place.
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World Market - January 31, 2007
2 out of 4 people found this review helpful. Excellent, excellent store! I shop here quite often because of their great prices on high quality, solid wood furniture and their wide range of other home decor. Much of their decor is influenced by Pacific Rim countries - Malaysia, India, Japan, etc. though they also have a nice selection of modern, more Western style pieces. They offer a wide variety of wines and micro brews in addition to a gourmet food section.

I can't recommend this store enough especially for those looking for affordable and unique home decor that makes a statement.

I recommend this place.
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