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Sushi Ya - April 7, 2008
4 out of 4 people found this review helpful. From a person who lived in Manhattan for 6 years:
This restaurant is one of the best in Kalamazoo for many reasons. It's unique, clean, nice atmosphere(for Kalamazoo), and downright yummy!
Some locals may have some difficulty with the prices.
I didnt find them unfair for what I recieved. Everything is always fresh and delicious. I feel it is being judged strangely because there aren't many restaurants of it's type (non-american cuisine with some style) in our fair city. I would say that the waitstaff are local college kids who don't necessarily have a background in fine dining skills, but just want to get through school. Don't go here expecting perfect service because you have to pay more than you may at some restaurants in Kalamazoo. The food and atmosphere and staff are what they are. I didn't find the time to criticize the place because I was focusing on how delicious the food was, loving the company I brought, enjoying the different touches of style, and in general not being critical. It can be a wonderful place to have a better than average and exotic meal without having to go to a big city. Why complain about that? I personally celebrate it.

Don't have the money? Get take out! Yummy stuff.
I have to add that I don't eat raw fish, yet I always find something new to eat here. In general, I think that your experience with this place will have more to do with how you approach eating here than with Sushi Ya's presentation, decor, food, or service.....because I have been here a dozen times and thoroughly enjoyed it each time. Give it a shot.

I recommend this place.
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