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Sushi Ya - May 28, 2008
10 out of 13 people found this review helpful. I have lived in Miami and Chicago for most of my life and have been to many sushi restaurants. When Sushi Ya opened in Kalamazoo, I went there with my friends weekly. It is my favorite place. However, every time we go there, the service gets worse and worse. Today was the worst dining experience I've ever had. My friend ordered "2 pieces of yellowtail" and our server (Tecumseh, who wouldn't give us his last name) put in an order for a "roll" instead. When it came, he adamantly denied the fact that he messed up and didn't offer to replace it. He had them make 2 pieces of yellowtail and then charged her both the roll and the pieces even though it was HIS mistake. We asked to speak to the manager and he said, "I am the manager and I refuse to lose $7.00 for something that you ended up eating". Let me tell you something Tecumseh or whatever your name is, you have ruined things for Sushi ya. I am still in shock about how rude he was and made us feel like crap. Go to Kumo instead.
I do not recommend this place.
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