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Rave Motion Picture Theater - January 10, 2008
7 out of 13 people found this review helpful. Lots of screens and the digital and audio quality is very good; however the prices for admission and concessions are much higher than other local theatres - it cost me $25 for me and my sons aged 11 & 13 for a matinee, not to mention costs for concessions! In comparison, local Goodrich theatre charges $3.00 for matinees, free refills on soda and 27 cents refill on popcorn, plus a frequent user punch card for future free concession. The Rave recently dropped their student special for concessions and most restaurant/movie combo deals.

While parking is nearby, you must walk outside a block to enter the theatre - not good in inclement weather. You must also remember to get parking ticket stamped for free parking. Opening week had a serious violent physical attack on a movie goer and deranged criminal in the adjacent parking ramp; however, no other such incidents have occurred since.

Seats are nice, but not better than other local theatres.

Summary - Over-priced, but good for taking a date with local bars nearby for other entertainment. There are better deals elsewhere close-by for families and people on a budget.

Pros - great video and sound and variety of screens. Comfortable seating. New interior.

Cons - high cost, especially for families. No incentive for frequent attendees. Limited student or restaurant/movie combo specials. Parking inconvenient with fee if you forget to get ticket stamped. Questionable safety of surrounding area. Often long waits in concession lines.

I do not recommend this place.
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