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Uncle Ed's Oil Shoppe - August 3, 2007
1 out of 2 people found this review helpful. Uncle ed'w oil shoppe is expensive and pushy. Took my wife's car there and found out that they charge more than 70 bucks for the same oil change I get a Walmart for about $44 (Mobile 1 synthetic oil). I also thought it was very annoying that they tried to sell me the most ridiculous additional services: "we recommend an oil flush, you should change the power steering fluid, a new radiator cap will keep the pressure, bla bla bla". Unnecessary services that they want to make extra money. You can check online that mechanics actually do not recommend oil flushes. Most times they do more harm than good to your engine. Just change the oil and oil filter regularly and do not go with the cheapest products. I do not recommend Uncle Ed's though, since they really overcharge.
I do not recommend this place.
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