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Date Added: November 7, 2006
Address: 1710 West Main Street
Phone: (269) 381-9898

Reservations Required: N/a
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Overall: November 11, 2007
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I didn't know that Bishop Desmond Tutu's taste in food ought to serve as a stricture for other food lovers.

Personally this is the worst desi food ever, from artificial colors to burnt food to raw meat, they seem to have it all. I had assumed that higher prices would have meant better food, I guess that is the misconception the owners here are banking on for there business to continue to survive.

I do not recommend this place.

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Overall: October 28, 2007
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I ate at the table next to Bishop Desmond Tutu and his wife the last time I ate there. Now if that isn't a recommendation then I don't know....

I recommend this place.


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Overall: December 8, 2006
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The buffet is the best. I would suggest skipping a meal before you eat there. The pricing is a little steep for a college student's budget but the food is worth it. It can be two meals in one. Try the blackened chicken and the fried bread. Yum.

I recommend this place.