Panchero's Mexican Grill

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Date Added: November 9, 2006
Address: 6160 S. Westnedge Ave.
Phone: (269) 323-0070
Fax: (269) 323-0112

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Overall: October 2, 2007
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Panchero's is, like the first review said: "bland. . . rubbery. . .nowhere near real Mexican. . ." Though this reviewer cannot at to the spot-on critiques of this "restaurant" it is invited that the reader go across the street, when at their Drake Road establishment, to a real-ish Mexican place, named on this site. Better food, beer & booze, a large menu, people who speak Spanish, etc. For the Westnedge location, just go a little ways to many, although chain-owned, better places to eat.

I do not recommend this place.

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Overall: November 9, 2006
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Disappointment is the best way I know how to describe Panchero's. I felt like the fresh-feeling, modern decor was just a cover-up to less than average tasting food.

During my visit I tried the chicken fajitas and was surprised to see the meat served separate from the peppers and onions. Allowing them to hang out together on the plate would have made for a much more happy and flavorful dish. As it stood, the bland chicken needed a swift kick in the tail feathers and just didn't have enough pizazz to satisfy my taste buds.

Though their claim to fame are their tortillas made fresh for every meal, I found them to be rather thin and rubbery. Nowhere near what a real Mexican tortilla should look or taste like.

The only thing good about Pancheros is that it's not far from Qdoba. Another Mexican restaurant with similar style and far better tasting food.

I do not recommend this place.