Joy Fong Restaurant

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Date Added: November 7, 2006
Address: 8136 Portage Road
Phone: (269) 327-7977

Reservations Required: N/a
Delivery: No (or n/a)
Dress Code: N/a


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Overall: February 9, 2007
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My office buys lunch out every Friday and today was Joy Fong day. Maybe I've had my head stuck in the sand but I had never heard of them until today. I am a loyal customer now. We placed a huge order and they got everything right. The food was awesome!

I recommend this place.

Anna Overall: February 4, 2007
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I love this place. If you go in and order your food to go, the head lady (who is a sweetheart) will set you down and give you a cup of delicious soup. They are the kindest restaurant people around! They really know how to treat their customers to keep them coming back!

I recommend this place.


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Overall: November 14, 2006
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Joy Fong. Szechuan Shrimp. Ten dollars. Enough said?

The food was delectable, the atmosphere mesmerizing, and the servers were spectacular. I could do nothing more than smile and be amazed at how well this restaurant has done. They will be expanding in the next few months, and it can only be attributed to a job well accomplished!

I recommend this place.