Angelo's Italian Eatery

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Date Added: November 7, 2006
Address: 5401 Portage Road
Phone: (269) 342-9906

Reservations Required: N/a
Delivery: No (or n/a)
Dress Code: N/a


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tanjachris Overall: March 4, 2011
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This joint is second to none! The chicken salad, unbelievable. The seafood sub, to die for (i'm told the seafood is fresh picked from Ohio)! The point-of-sales clerk is always delightful! The food is only rivaled by the eye candy behind the counter! When placing an order make sure to ask for Deece or Mad-Dog!

I recommend this place.


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Overall: December 15, 2006
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Angelo’s located within close proximity to the airport so its convenient if you are in that neck of the woods. It is definitely a better deal than something like say Fazoli’s. The food is also way better as a whole.Try their calzones!

I recommend this place.


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Overall: November 14, 2006
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Oh Angelo, you are the best of men. The pizza was astonishing, Margarita Cheese encrusted with jalapenos and cajun crusts, seasoned with the best and served extra crisp, just the way I like it. $7.99 for a personal size one-topping pizza, dine-in only! I can only hope you all have just as positive an experience.

I recommend this place.