Finley's American Grill  


Date Added: November 7, 2006
Address: 6301 South Westnedge Avenue, Portage
Phone: (269) 323-1104

Nearest Major Intersection: Westnedge Ave S & Gladys St


Reservations Required: N/a
Delivery: No (or n/a)
Dress Code: N/a


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Kevin C. Bailey Overall: January 24, 2007
1 out of 1 people found this review helpful. I have eaten at this Finley's several times. Our family usually go there for our birthdays. I have never had any real complaints about the quality of the food, but now that I am a diabetic, it's hard to figure out what to eat at the restaurant. I feel that it would be in the best interest of Finley's to have the nutritional information available if somebody asks for it to help them decide on what to order for their meal. I have read before that since more people are trying to eat healthier, that a lot of restaurants are starting to have this type of information available.
I recommend this place.
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Overall: November 19, 2006
2 out of 3 people found this review helpful. Several friends of mine who happen to have young kids praised the Finley's franchise for it's kid friendly atmosphere and I'd have to say they were right - to an extent. A quick scan inside the place revealed they had a large number of booth seats which are great to keep the kids in check and helps you avoid any unwanted stares from those adults who are unsympathetic to parents dealing with the chaos that kids often bring.

Didn't really matter much though because the place was plenty loud enough to cover any whining from impatient youngsters who've grown tired of coloring with the four crayons supplied by the restaurant. I saw a lot of families with kids of all ages and that made my wife and I feel good as we sat down with our daughter and proceeded to look at the menu. Our waitress was both timely and considerate, which I found to be quite impressive considering how busy and full of kids the place was.

But that my friends, are where the niceties end. Since I'm reviewing a restaurant here, naturally the focus should be on the food. And indeed that's where the focus was, and I mean that in a bad way.

So where do I begin? Well, my side salad was pathetic. Iceberg lettuce, two slices of sad cucumbers and a few crutons sprinkled on top. McDonald's carries better salads than this place. Seriously.

Next, I ordered a hamburger cooked medium and it came back well and charred all over. As a parent there was no way I had enough time to send back my burger nightmare and wait for a new one. So I ate as much as I could stand, leaving at least a third of it on my plate. Kids just don't allow delays of that magnitude.

Do I even need to mention the fries? Alright, they were unimpressive. The folks in the back would be better off just serving whatever's on sale in the frozen fries section at the local supermarket. My wife's taco salad? "Not so great." The sweet potato for my daughter was likely the best thing on the table, but then it's pretty hard to screw up a baked potato.

Man, what a joke. I mean, at least give me something equivalent to what I might eat at my own house rather than something I'd be embarrassed to say I paid for. And I'm just that - embarrassed. I feel like I got duped into eating at some cheap family fare run by elementary kids. And what's mind boggling to me is that the place was actually pretty crowded. So I guess that means either we were terribly unlucky and the food is normally delectable, or everyone who frequents this joint lacks any viable taste buds.

You'll have to decide for yourself...but you've been warned.

I do not recommend this place.
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