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Official Website: http://www.gqti.com/Theater.aspx?ThtId=10
Date Updated: March 6, 2007
Address: 820 Maple Hill Drive
Phone: (269) 345-7469

Reservations Required: N/a


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Overall: October 30, 2007
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if you don't want to go out of town to m89 (which is even cheaper) this is a great place to catch a movie. it's clean, got plenty of seating and usually has a good flick showing any time. the only thing i don't like is they need to install the self-buttering machines for the popcorn.

I recommend this place.


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Overall: February 5, 2007
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I have been quite pleased with the new pricing Kalamazoo 10 has adopted. I remember at one point that an adult ticket was almost 8.00 so I will definitely be a regular customer with the new pricing.

I recommend this place.

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Overall: November 14, 2006
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This theater has a couple of big things going for it.

First, their prices are simply unbeatable. Adult tickets top out at $6.50 and they even offer a "twilight" deal between 4 and 6pm where you can get tickets for 4 bucks a piece. Of course they make up for this with their concession prices which happen to be a little steep, but the trade off is well worth it.

And second, the actual theaters are in great condition. They offer stadium seating, cup holders and comfortable, reclining seats. Though the reclining function seemed a bit stiff and almost felt like the seat was pushing back at me, and I would have liked to have some more leg room. But those two minor drawbacks didn't take much away from my movie experience.

Oh, and if you subscribe to their email newsletter you can get coupons for free drinks and other great deals.

So this is definitely the best theater in town, but with the new Rave cinema opening in downtown Kalamazoo this month, I suspect they'll soon be facing some stiff competition.

I recommend this place.